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1/2003 Aktuelles Modell


Professional Quality Sound, Comprehensive Features - Total Music Creation

61-key keyobard with a large display and built-in vocal harmony.

Portable Keyboards 2013-2014 [German] Portable Keyboards 2013-2014PDF [36.3MB]

Die im Web dargestellten Farben können in ihrer Wiedergabe von der realen Farbgebung abweichen.

  • Stunningly realistic Live!, Sweet! and Cool! Voices
  • Organ Flutes! Voice with eight virtual drawbars
  • Microphone input with Vocal Harmony
  • LCD screen displays lyrics, score and chords
  • Digital Mizing Console with easy editing

The PSR-2100 is a 61-key touch response keyboard with extended wave ROM capacity for much improved high-quality sounds, including Yamaha's signature Sweet!, Cool! and Live! Voices. In addition, it has new features like Organ Flutes with virtual drawbars, a Vocal Harmony that allows musicians to back up the singing performance with stunning Vocal Harmony for enhanced live performance. The PSR-2100 is the instrument of choice for professional and semi-professional musicians, home hobbyists, singers and songwriters.



61 regular-sized touch sensitive keys and 64-note polyphony.

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11/11/2013 [Musikinstrumente]
Tyros5 – The Power of Reality

Yamahas neuer Workstation Tyros5 ist ein unglaublicher technischer Fortschritt für alle Musiker, vom Anfänger bis zum Profi. Vergessen Sie alle Keyboards, die Sie bisher gehört haben; Tyros5 klingt atemberaubend echt.

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