Yamaha musical instruments at IFA 2019: try them out!

Yamaha presents musical instruments to try out at IFA 2019.

The message: everyone can make music – and with Yamaha, it’s easy! In keeping with our new brand promise “Make Waves”, we’ll be doing just that at this year’s IFA, where visitors will be able to view, handle and test the long-established company’s innovative new products.

Making music is one of the world’s most wonderful pastimes, good for the body and soul – and much easier than many people think. In the past, budding musicians had to practice for weeks before they could get nice sounding notes out of their instruments. However, technical developments mean that it is now easier than ever to start playing an instrument. Yamaha is rigorously supporting this development with innovations that will guarantee first-time success and motivate players to improve.

In short: absolutely everyone can make music nowadays. This is partially due to the following groundbreaking innovations and technologies from Yamaha, which can all be experienced up close at IFA 2019.

Disklavier ENSPIRE

With Yamaha’s Disklavier ENSPIRE, a top-of-the-range, innovative selfplaying entertainer is making its way into the home: 500 songs from a wide range of genres such as jazz, rock, pop and classic, played by top international artists, are stored in the instrument and can be managed directly using an app. The Disklavier ENSPIRE offers a top-class Yamaha piano to anyone who wants to play for themselves. Hearing is believing!


The unique flowkey learning app allows all music fans to play their favourite songs on piano or keyboard within minutes – whether beginner or advanced player. flowkey makes learning piano pieces child’s play and is as exciting as it is fun. And last but not least: customers who purchase select Yamaha

Silent technology

Yamaha’s silent technology allows for silent practice with headphones – for a harmonious relationship with your neighbours. It can be used in connection with keyboards and pianos, strings, guitars, brass instruments and even drums – and, if you want, with song accompaniment. The spatial sound is so natural and nuanced that you soon forget you’re using headphones.


Become a star with Yamaha Sonogenic! There are no false notes here: this new keytar (keyboard + guitar) has a unique jam function. Simply call up the free Chord Tracker app and immediately play along to songs that you have saved on your smartphone. The notes always match the music – no matter which keys you hit. No need to worry about complicated chords or fiddly finger techniques: the Yamaha Sonogenic makes every fingering the right fingering!

TransAcoustic technology

With TransAcoustic, Yamaha is presenting a revolutionary technology for guitar and piano. A TransAcoustic guitar transmits additional vibrations to the instrument’s body, guaranteeing fantastic reverb and chorus effects without the need for an amplifier or other device! The technology in a TransAcoustic piano essentially uses the instrument’s soundboard as loudspeaker by transforming electronic signals into mechanical vibrations. One of the advantages: the piano can be played at whatever volume you choose, quiet or loud. No headphones necessary.

TransAcoustic is easy to use and creates an unforgettable audio experience that music fans simply have to experience for themselves – along with all of the other new Yamaha products at IFA. You should definitely “try them out!”

Experience Yamaha at IFA 2019

IFA visitors can discover and experience Yamaha’s exclusive highlights from 6 to 11 September 2019 in hall 1.2, booth 101.