Yamaha Sessions | Michael Patrick

With the “Yamaha Sessions” series, Yamaha Music shines a spotlight on established musicians for a pure musical performance, giving artists the time and platform to present their art to a dedicated audience.

Yamaha Sessions | Michael Patrick

Michael Patrick
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Michael Patrick joined us for the next instalment and in our 'Yamaha Sessions' series. Being an adventurous musical director & composer, Michael helped us to create this large scale production in the Berlin Sessions Studio. This performance features synths, guitars, drums, with an 8 piece orchestra, all accompanied with a live audience. Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest Yamaha Session!

Michael Patrick brings a unique style that blends R&B, Classical, Gospel, Pop, Hip Hop and Jazz. He is a keyboardist's keyboardist. Using his MONTAGE7 and help of his band, to bring this elegant soundscape to life. Michael can be found on stage with UK singer-song Jake Bugg, laying down grooving keyboard parts behind The Streets, creating some moving moments with singer/songwriter JP Cooper or working on his own music.

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The style, feel, and sound of RS720BX are unmistakably classic, but no detail was left simply to tradition. The custom-voiced pickups, Bigsby vibrato, inlays inspired by our 70s’ “Super Flighter” series, and elegant gloss finish combine timeless inspirations into a modern classic.

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