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Yamaha Announces the Release of Their First Ever Dedicated Game Streaming Audio Mixer, the ZG Series

Yamaha is excited to announce the release of the ZG01 dedicated game streaming audio mixer as a response to the increasing demand for a more immersive overall gaming experience.

CD-S303RK Firmware Update Ver.1.37 Released

This firmware includes improvement of playability.

Yamaha RIVAGE PM Systems Deliver Live Streams For Baybeats 2021

Yamaha’s RIVAGE PM series digital mixing systems feature a range of highly configurable hardware, including five control surfaces, two DSP engines, two I/O rack units and two network protocols. These allow users to scale highly customizable systems to fit any modern mixing project's technical requirements.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Probleme mit iOS/iPadOS 15 [DTX MULTI-12 TOUCH]

Aktuell besteht ein Problem in Zusammenhang mit Version 15 von iOS und iPadOS, wodurch Yamaha-Instrumente nach Herstellen einer USB-Verbindung von Apps nicht erkannt werden.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Nebengeräuschproblem bei der Nutzung mit Digital-Keyboard-Produkten [Rec'n'Share für Android in Version 2.0.0]

Wir konnten einen Bug in Rec'n'Share für Android in Version 2.0.0 bestätigen, welcher zu ungewollten Geräuschen bei Aufnahme und Wiedergabe in Zusammenhang mit sechs verschiedenen Digital-Keyboard-Modellen führt.


Venova YVS-120/YVS-140 Casual Wind Instruments, YH-L700A Headphones Chosen for Red Dot: Best of the Best Award

Yamaha Corporation announces that two of its designs were selected to receive the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022: namely, the Venova™ YVS-120/YVS-140 casual wind instruments and the YH-L700A wireless headphones.


Habt ihr schon mal ein Klavier gesehen, welches von selbst spielt? Wir schon!

Yamaha LAN Monitor V1.7.5 Released

This update contains several new features, please refer to release notes for further details.

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