VXC Series "S model"

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Data Sheet (VXC Series "S model") [1.1MB]
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EASE GLL Data for VXC Series Speakers (V3.0) - EASE Focus / EASE Address enabled [229KB]
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BIM Data for Revit (VXC Series) [2.9MB]
CAD Data (VXC Series global) [3.6MB]
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VXC8SB_VXC8SW_AB-C8S Owner's Manual [2.1MB]
VXC8SB_VXC8SW_AB-C8S Owner's Manual [1.6MB] [2.1MB]
VXS/VXC Series Painting Guide [357KB]
Name OS Size Letzte Aktualisierung
CISSCA V3.1 for Win 11/10 Win 48.8MB 2023-03-02


NS-1 is a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool enabling NEXO & Yamaha users to configure and optimize the performance ofwide-ranging NEXO & Yamaha systems.

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DME Library Files for VXC Series Speakers (V1.1) [50KB]
MTX/MRX Library Files for VXC Series Speakers (V1.1) [55KB]
Processor settings for VXC Series Speakers [240KB]

Speakers for Commercial Installations

Yamaha Speakers (FRAME_ALL)

Yamaha Speakers (FRAME_9CAT)

Yamaha Speakers (FRAME_EACH)