Name OS Size Letzte Aktualisierung
Yamaha LAN Monitor V1.7.5 for Mac Mac 16.3MB 2022-03-24
Yamaha LAN Monitor V1.7.5 for Windows Win 26.9MB 2022-03-24
SWP1 Firmware Rev.2.01.10 - 15.3MB 2020-08-24

* The software name of Yamaha Audio Network Monitor has been changed to Yamaha LAN Monitor.

SWP Series Brochure

Name Deutsch Englisch
MMF-SWP1 Installation Guide [1.7MB]
PA-700 AC Adaptor Instructions [Deutsch] [2.5MB] [2.5MB]
PA-700 AC Adaptor Instructions [English] [2.5MB]
SWP1 Owner's Manual [Deutsch] [5.3MB] [4.6MB]
SWP1 Owner's Manual [English] [4.6MB]
SWP1 Series Command Reference [950KB]
Yamaha LAN Monitor Mac User Guide [18.2MB]
Yamaha LAN Monitor Win User Guide [5.3MB]

SWP1 Series Technical Data

The online pages explain the details of SWP1 basic functions and Web GUI.

Name Deutsch Englisch
CAD Data (SWP1) [442KB]
Configuration Files for Spanning Tree [8KB]
Data Sheet (SWP1 Series) [1.2MB]
License Agreement of Open-Source Software Used in Yamaha SWP1 series [310KB]
SWP1 Series Dimensions [2.8MB]
SWP1 Series Technical Data [13.6MB]