Elektrische Gitarren



Die Revstar bietet von Café-Racer-Motorrädern inspirierte Finishes und fortschrittliche Pickup-Schaltoptionen für Spieler, die einen neuen Style oder Sound suchen.


Yamaha's most historical and iconic guitar, SG series was reborn in 2010 to satisfy today's musicians demands, handcrafted by the highly skilled Japanese master luthiers.


In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Yamaha Guitar Development (YGD), unserem Custom Shop in Los Angeles, entwickelt, bieten Pacifica-Gitarren seit 1990 professionelle Ausstattungen und ausdrucksstarke Vielseitigkeit.


RGX series offers style and specification for aggressive players. The thinner neck is perfect for an intense guitar workout and specially selected humbuckers deliver clear, powerful, modern tone.


Yamaha's hollow bodied guitars combine traditional construction with innovative electronics and a focus on quality to create instruments that offer stunning looks, amazingly versatile sound and a playing experience ready for the stage.


Dieses E-Gitarren-Paket enthält alles, um ‚live on stage‘ zu gehen!


Mike Stern's signature has been refreshed with Yamaha's exclusive wood treatment and finish. IRA (Initial Response Acceleration) technology shakes off the stress often found in new guitars and make them extremely vibrant and responsive. One-piece Maple neck is oil-finished for better comfort. PAC1611MS comes with a certificate personally signed by Mike to prove this guitar is perfectly crafted in his specification.